Food & Beverage

Grand Hotel Karaman works with the best chefs to offer you unique and diverse tastes. Each of them are chefs who have proven themselves in their field. In order to prove himself to you, the world cuisines come out of their hands at the Grand Hotel. You will not be able to give up the magnificent tastes they offer you in local delicacies. The hotel, which has two separate restaurants for the summer and winter seasons and it’s happy to welcome you with its Ala Carte menu.

Spice Restaurant

 enjoy tasting many flavors from national and traditional dishes to world cuisines by our talented masters. Working with masters who have proven themselves in the field, Grand Karaman maintains its assertive stance in food as in every other subject. Putting happiness on the faces of its guests with the meals it offers. 

Ruby Patisserie

You will be satisfied with your conversations with a slice of cake and coffee after the spa or pool. A little getaway awaits you at Ruby Patisserie.

Lemon Breakfast Room

make a good start to the day with delicious and fresh breakfast varieties.

Garden Restaurant

Garden Restaurant is the best address in the city for a pleasant dinner with tables set on a green area and a stage for live music.